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Pope&Sons create luxury Worldwide holidays. Our aim is to help you escape. This might be escaping from something or to somewhere. But we are much more than just a travel agent.

We are a specialist tour operator based in Warwick and we want our customers to become our friends and for their friends to become our friends. But we must remember that luxury is subjective and is sometimes about a feeling rather than a fluffy dressing gown or faceless corporate hotel or some all-inclusive holidays

The Worldwide travel experiences we offer will where possible consist of the following:


Whether this is flying business class with Singapore Airlines, chartering your own private jet or staying in an overwater luxury bungalow in the Maldives, our aim is to recommend and create a luxury holiday experience unique to your needs. That’s because we will listen to you and then go away and create. But we also understand and appreciate that the word luxury means different things to differeSouthern Ocean LOdge Kangaroo Islandnt people.


We aim to work with up and coming destinations and properties as well as finding unique on-the-ground experiences that will create delightful memories. This might include a motor cycle tour of Vietnam, a luxury wine tour in Argentina  or chartering a yacht in Indonesia.


We are not a package tour operator and we see every one of our customers as unique. We appreciate that our customers want privacy and exclusivity and this only maximises the experience of doing something or going somewhere different.

We offer specialist Worldwide travel and tours but will communicate in a manner that suits you, our valued customer, to build long lasting relationships and a successful family business.