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Aboriginal Tourism at Longitude 131

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Longitude 131°‘s Ernabella Arts Tour has recently been accepted into the Indigenous Tourism Champions Program (ITCP). The ITCP offers tourism experiences delivered by Aboriginal people which focus on providing unforgettable experiences for international visitors.

Those staying in the Longitude 131° lodges are fortunate enough to experience the wonderful, original works of the Aboriginal people. The art works are displayed in the oldest artwork centre in Australia,Ernabella Arts, established in 1948. Ernabella Arts is at the centre of the Pukatja Community. who were the first settlers on the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Lands. Ernabella Arts Centre can be described as a hub of activity where the locals develop and explore traditional art techniques native to their community. This helps to promote their cultural heritage. The very first hand-crafted products that derived from the Pukatja community are displayed in the Ernabella arts centre for you to view as part of your personalised and private tour. The first handcrafted works include woven fabrics and knotted floor rugs containing the well known indigenous pattern ‘Ernabella walka’. As part of the Ernabella Arts Tour, you are given the opportunity to meet face to face with the artists themselves who will provide you with detailed insights into the ancient techniques. The artists are willing to share stories which formed the basis of their artwork. Visitors are also offered the chance to enjoy creating their very own ceramic tile to take away with them.

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