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Travel to the Kandy Perehara Festival, Sri Lanka in 2016

Kandy Perehara Festival

Last minute holiday, perhaps, but it’s not too late to experience the Kandy Perehara Festival,  one of the most beautiful pageants in Sri Lanka writes Becky Ward ,Pope&Sons marketing executive.

When visiting Sri Lanka what a better way to get fully involved with the local tradition than taking time to visit Kandy and join in with the festivities: the costumes are elegant and the vibe is fantastic.  Ten days of celebrations which date back to the arrival of the sacred tooth relic in 3rd century AD whereby processions led the sacred tooth through the streets of Kandy on the back of an elephant draped in the most stunning garments. As a spectator, you will view some wonderful Sri Lankan dance and the fire dancers provide fantastic entertainment and will make sure you enjoy every moment of the festival. The Kandy Perehara festival is a chance to worship and pay respect to Buddha’s tooth, a perfect opportunity to learn and enjoy the traditions that Sri Lanka still holds after all these years. The Temple of the Sacred Tooth Museum can also be visited which houses the tooth of Buddha himself.

Kandy is Sri LankKandy Perahera festivala’s second biggest city after Colombo, with mountains surrounding the city’s stunning lake. If staying in Colombo, why not choose to travel by train and take one of the most spectacular journeys from Colombo Fort Station to Kandy. The train journey will take approximately three hours; you will experience breath-taking views of the nature environment rice terraces, as well as tea plantations. For all you tea lovers, Sri Lanka is the home of Ceylon tea. There is no better way to start the day than with a cup of tea, home or away. Colombo, the capital, also offers a wide variety of places to dine to try the local cuisine, the curry is amazing. The Sour Fish Curry, particularly popular with the locals. There are also a selection of galleries and museums, with the buildings still holding their historical architecture.  Sri Lanka, a great combination of the new with the old, the perfect location, if you are looking for a popular summer destination to book last minute. It is never too late, “the tan lines may fade, but the memories will last forever” and you will be guaranteed plenty of sunshine in August!

To book your Sri Lanka holiday and experience the Kandy Perehara festival in August 2016 please contact Pope&Sons on 01926 658797

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