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Dreaming of an Australian Sky

australian sky

Welcome to 2019 and from my office window I can see a very grey and bleak English Sky. But if like me you are suffering from extreme January blues then dreaming of a stunning Australian Sky should make us feel normal again. If you have experienced a holiday in Australia then you will know what I mean by an Australian Sky.

An Australian Sky could be something you experience in the Outback after a long horse trek sleeping outside in a Swag under the shooting stars next to a flickering fire with a cold beer and some bush tucker. This was one of my most memorable experiences in Australia although the horse-trek did leave me rather sore and without hair on the inside of my legs for some reason. My horse-riding experience at the time was zero so it was only fitting that I was allocated the largest horse called pig who didn’t really want to listen or recognise my English commands. After a night under the stars it was time to experience Outback luxury at Longitude 131 where you can experience some amazing hospitality and witness the wonder of Uluru and the Australian outback in comfort ( And without a reluctant horse )

The other kind of Australian Sky is the blue type and one of the best places to witness this has to be the Great Barrier Reef . A blue Australian Sky is like no other and seems to go on for ever. There are many shades of blue in this type of Australian sky and at times appear to blend in with the sea. A bit like a winter ” white-out ” but a ” blue-out “.  Hopefully those who have experienced a holiday on the Great Barrier Reef will know what I mean unless I dreamt it . If not here is a video about Lizard Island that may help.

There are other types of Australian Sky that you can experience which include some of  the amazing tropical storms but we won’t dwell on those for the moment.

So all that remains to be said ( This is the sales bit! ) is that we can help you experience an Australian Sky whether it is a blue one , a starry one or even a tropical storm one. Why not give me a call ( Dave Pope by the way , hello ) on 01926 935747 or email escape@popeandsons.co.uk and we can talk about what kind of Australian Sky you are interested in.


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