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7 Reasons Not to Travel to Australia This Year

travel to Australia

By Archie Pope – Nearly 9 Years Old

My dad really wants us to travel to Australia and thinks this will be a really good idea for all the family. He keeps talking about shrimps on a Barbie but I don’t like prawns or toys from the olden days so I’m not sure we should go.

This is what I’m going to tell him when he takes me for fish and chips (which is better than shrimps and Barbies) on Friday.

I Might Get Chased by A Dingo

I’m nearly 9 and that’s not old enough to run away from a dingo! Maybe it will be ok if my dad lets me bring my friend from school who isn’t as fast as me so the dingo can eat him instead. He talks too much anyway. My friend says they run faster than Thomas who plays for the school football team.



A Spider Might Crawl Up My Trouser Leg

Ok, that might be funny. But what if it finds my leg yummy and bites? Maybe it can bite the dingo that’s chasing me. I’ll ask my dad if spiders bite dingos. Why is everything so bitey in Australia? Hopefully the spiders are vej vegetarian



I Don’t Speak Australian

On our last holiday I had to have a chocolate ice cream because my dad didn’t know how to say mint choc chip in French. It was the worst day of my life. Ever. I don’t want that to happen again.



What’s Cricket?

They always talk about cricket and hashtags ashes in Australia and I don’t even know which way to hold the cricket club! My dad says that they won’t be talking about it much when we go, but I don’t know why. Maybe they’ve found football.


Christmas in the Sun

What do they make snowmen out of? Sand? Shrimps and Barbies? I just don’t get it.





A Day on A Plane

I love planes! But I don’t know if I want to sit on one for a whole day on my iPad. I mean, it’s all I want to do at home and my dad doesn’t let me. But….maybe I don’t mind this actually.Maybe travel to Australia is a good idea ish ?



I Might Not Want to Come Home.

I like my house, so what if I like it and don’t want to come back? Who will feed my fish? What if I have a spelling test on the day after we get back? I won’t get my star award. Adults have it so easy these days.




If you have decided NOT to take Archie’s advice about Travel to Australia then we would be delighted to discuss your travel ideas. ( Secretly I think he really wants to go ) So call Dave Pope on 01926 935747 to find out more about why you SHOULD travel to Australia with Pope&Sons or email escape@popeandsons.co.uk   

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