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Central America itineraries

We are delighted to feature some exiting holiday itineraries to Central America for 2016 that include Costa Rica, Belize and Guatemala. In addition to the itineraries suggested, we will arrange all flights from the UK as well as complimentary airport lounges.

Costa Rica

Small but beautiful, Costa Rica boasts a dramatic landscape that’s rich in natural wonders and biodiversity. There are rugged mountains, wild rainforests, steep river valleys, open savannas, and chilly cloud forests, not to mention vast stretches of pristine Pacific and Caribbean coastline. These diverse ecosystems serve as home to a staggering amount of wildlife from red eyed tree frogs to scarlet macaws to howler monkeys and allow holidays of all kinds, including family, adventure, and honeymoon. Cost Rica has become a lot more accessible with British Airways starting direct flights from May 2016.


Belize’s crystalline Caribbean waters are home to the northern hemisphere’s largest barrier reef system and the enormous kaleidoscope of fish, sponges, crustaceans, and plants that inhabit it. Here, you’ll find some of the most impressive diving in the world, as well as the iconic Blue Holesea cave. Adding to the reef’s appeal are the postcard perfect islands around it, such as Ambergris Caye and outer atolls like Turneffe Islands. These tropical oases are home to everything from luxury resorts to relaxed, ramshackle fishing towns and offer plenty for non - scuba divers, too.


How one country can pack so much cultural and geographic diversity into an area the size of Tennessee (and less than half the size of the UK) kind of boggles the mind, and yet Guatemala does it seamlessly. It’s home to everything from ancient Maya temples and Spanish colonial cities to cloud - shrouded highland villages and vibrant Caribbean towns. There are steaming volcanoes, lazy rivers, remote cloud forests, and vast swaths of untamed jungle. What truly make this country unique, though, are the modern - day Mayas whose intriguing culture, centuries -old traditions, and myriad languages continue to thrive today.