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Luxury Australian Resorts

Pope&Sons specialise in arranging stays at luxury Australian resorts. Whether you want to experience the solitude of Uluru at Longitude 131, explore the Great Barrier from Lizard Island or sample outstanding food and wine at the Louise in the Barossa Valley, we will find the perfect luxury Australia holidays to suit your escape plans.

We have put together a unique collection of unique luxury Australian resorts but always start with a clean sheet of paper so we can understand what YOU want and how YOU want to feel. We choose to operate without opening hours so our family business can mix with our family life and we like to treat our valuable customers as part of our family.

We hope to speak to you soon about arranging a stay at one or more of our luxury Australian resorts. Please contact Dave Pope on 0778 6623304 anytime to discuss your escape plans or email escape@popeandsons.co.uk.