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Colourful Colombia Tours

Colombia Tours
Colombia Tours are not what they once were and the days of Paulo Escobar and the drug gangs have long gone and the time to visit this wonderful country is right now. This 10 day classic tour of Colombia will give you just enough time to sample the history , energy and welcome on offer. But you can of course extend your stay either before or after if you need more time.

Day 1:

After arriving at the El Dorado airport in Bogota you will be transferred to the hotel and able to check-in.

Day 2:

Your introduction to our Colombia Tours starts in Bogota and on this day you will be able to do a half-day city tour of this historic town. The tour will be mainly focused on the centre of the city, also known as La Candelaria. In this archaic suburb, you will see a great deal of Colombia’s heritage, as the Spanish Colonial influence is highly present in the city’s architecture. You will visit the main square, Plaza de Bolivar, where Silmon Bolivar’s statue is located. This plaza was once called Plaza Mayor as it was used for civil and military purposes such as a marketplace, a bullring, and also as a place where many executions were being held. You will see the Cathedral, on the eastern side of the plaza, which has been built on the same place where the first Bogota’s church was constructed back in 1539. This Cathedral is also known for housing an important collection of religious artefacts such as textiles and artworks. Other highlights of this tour are – the Capilla del Sagrario (a gem of religious architecture), the Capitol (with its renaissance and neoclassical influences), Botero Museum as well as the Gold Museum.

Free afternoon for individual activities and overnight stay.

Day 3:

After breakfast, you will depart from Bogota to head north, towards Zipaquirá. You will travel through the Bogota Savannah and as you do, you will be exposed to beautiful scenery such as the colourful flower crops which are a result of the heavy flower production in this area. One hour and fifteen minutes later, you should be able to reach the Salt Cathedral, which is an impressive engineering achievement. The excursion begins with a visit to the cathedral which features the biggest salt cross ever carved in the world, measuring 16m in height and 10m in breadth, made by the Colombian artist Carlos Enrique Rodriguez. After this, you will visit a unique mine that features an auditorium big enough for two hundred people. Where people can attend film screenings, events, and or even fashion shows. Finally, you will head to a mirror of water where it is possible to experience the amazing visual effects of water on carved saline rock. The perfect place for incredible pictures!

In the afternoon you will continue your tour of Colombia on a two-hour trip to Villa de Leyva. Upon arrival check-in at the hotel and get ready to discover this beautiful town.

Day 4:

A day dedicated to visiting Villa de Leyva’s centre. Highlights of this tour include the convent of Santo Ecce Hommo, founded by the Dominicans in 1620, and considered one of the most important Spanish legacies. After the city tour, you will be transferred to Bogota to take a flight to Pereira. Upon arrival check-in at the hotel and overnight stay.

Day 5:

Start your morning by leaving to Valle de Cocora, located in central mountains of the department of Quindio. As part of the Parque Nacional de Los Nevados, it is the ideal place to admire the by the beauty of “Quindian wax palm” (Ceroxylon quincense), the national Colombian tree. Once in the valley, you can try hiking or on horseback riding as you head into the cloud forest to enjoy the vast biodiversity of flora and fauna. O your return journey you will pass by River Quindío while walking along an ecological pathway which will take you to the tallest wax palms in the world.

The afternoon will be reserved for a city tour of Salento after which you will be transferred to the traditional village of Filandia for yet another fantastic city tour. Enjoy some time soaking up the regional atmosphere and perhaps some local spirits before returning to the hotel!

Day 6:

Colombia Tours would not be complete without a coffee experience so spend half of your day visiting coffee plantations and learning lots about what makes Colombian coffee so different and special. You will start the coffee plantation tour by visiting the Hacienda San Alberto, located near Buenavista Quindío. You will visit the main house where you will be able to appreciate the typical architecture as well as history of this area. There will also be an introductory chat about Colombian coffee that will give you lots of insights into its preparation, toasting, the necessary characteristics for its quality, as well as the properties that allow the creation of various coffee types in the world. Continue the tour through the plantations and see first hand the meticulous work of coffee pickers. Learn about the production system, harvest, drying of the coffee beans to the sun as well as its treatment. Most of the coffee plantations in Colombia produce Arabica coffee which is a delicate and light tasting coffee widely recognised and consumed all over the world.

Return to the hotel and overnight stay.

Day 7:

You will be transferred to the airport and take a flight to Cartagena, via Bogota. Upon arrival check-in and overnight stay.

Day 8:

You will dedicate this day to a half day city tour of Cartagena , one of the highlights of our Colombia tours and a big part of the development of Colombia Tours.  Begin with tour by visiting the San Filipe Fortress which has been built on San Lázaro hill to defend the city from pirate attacks. Take a walk around the castle and understand how it was constructed, the engineering feats, the tunnels, underground galleries as well as passageways. Continue on to the Ciudad Vieja (Old City) and visit the Convent and Church of San Pedro Claver (XVII century). Visit as well the Zenú Gold Museum, inaugurated in 1982, by the Bank of the Republic. The museum is very famous for having a rich collection of gold and ceramics from the main pre-Columbian cultures, and you will be able to see it all on this day. Lastly, you will head to the Bovedas area, which is known for its collection of archways built into the city wall of Cartagena. Nowadays this area is an artisan centre where you can appreciate the local handcraft.

Free afternoon and overnight stay.

Day 9:

Free day for individual activities and overnight stay.

Day 10:

Unfortunately your first experience of Colombia tours has come to an end and  you will be transferred to the airport and take a flight back to Bogota and onward to the UK.

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