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Planning a World Trip Itinerary

Planning a World trip itinerary

Are you struggling with planning a World trip itinerary ?  If so let’s see if we can help.

Planning a once in a lifetime , blow the inheritance World trip itinerary is not t0 be taken lightly, There are many things to consider to ensure you make the most of what could be your only opportunity to experience the World we live in. Here are a few top tips to help with planning  World trip itinerary.

1.Time – Think about how long you want to be away for and work backwards. If you need to be back for a certain date or time of year then it sometimes works best to start at the end.

2.Experience – Consider the type of experiences you want to have and think about the best places to experience them .

3. Weather – Research the weather. There are many places around the world that are subject to monsoons and generally wet weather so if you are planning a beach break in Cambodia in August you might want to re-consider. The same goes for Dubai in August where temperatures can reach 50c.

4.Cost – Think about your overall budget for flights , hotels and spending money . Research the cost of living in every place you plan to visit. Balance safety and cost – Is it better to get a taxi or to be picked up by a guide ?  Some countries are better than others. Where are you gpoing to sleep ?  what standard of hotels are you looking for.

5.Planning – Always work out your routing first and cost the flights. Consider time differences especially through the pacific where you can actually go back in time.

6.Booking – Always speak to an experienced travel company and someone who has been there and done it – It will take a lot of pain away – Someone like Dave Pope of  Pope&Sons is just that person .

7,Destinations – One of the most common mistakes is to try to do too much and visit too many countries . Believe me when I say it will all be a blur if you do too much. I usually recommend mixing beach with cities with touring with something relaxing as the final stopover.

So if you are looking for inspiration and help with planning a World trip itinerary then take a look at our suggested Around the World Ticket itineraries and then give Dave Pope a call on 0778 6623304 or email escape@popeandsons.co.uk and he will help plan that journey of a lifetime. 

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