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Sales Training Programmes for Travel Agents

sales training programmes for travel agents

Dave Pope is  best known for creating and delivering engaging and effective sales training programmes for travel agents around the World.

We have a range of short to long- term sales training and coaching programmes that will help companies and individuals identify where they are now , where they want to get to and the most important bit in the middle – HOW WILL THEY GET THERE !!!

Try and avoid falling into the Computer says no trap !

Our sales training courses can be delivered as in-house workshops , virtual training sessions utilising video training systems or as open global events. We can even develop an e-learning programme for you.

A typical sales training course would address the following common areas of opportunity.

IMPACT – Preparing your own status and attitude

CONNECT – Adjusting your behaviour to suit your customer – Becoming a people expert. Show genuine interest in your customer

EVALUATE – Find out what your customer is looking for and don’t presume on cost or standard and never judge on first impressions.

CREATE – Find a product or solution that matches and maybe exceeds your customer’s requirements. Amaze them with your creativity

CLOSURE – Once you have done all of the above , ask your customer if they would like to buy , now. But if not now, when?

FOLLOW UP – Future shoppers are important so if they can’t book today then sty on touch but don’t hassle them.

STAYING IN TOUCH – Even if your customer doesn’t buy from you this time, find a way of staying in touch. If they have bought from you then staying in touch is easier.

All of osales training programmes for travel agentsur sales training programmes for travel agents are delivered with an easy going and relaxed style, but at the same time we are focused on improving confidence and performance from everyone we work with. We are not interested in death by PowerPoint but can promise a multi-sensory learning experience.

If you would like to book a consultation about arranging  sales training programmes for  travel agents in your business then please contact dave on 0778 6623304 or email dave@popeandsons.co.uk