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George Pope

For over 70 years, travel has always been part of life in the Pope family and right now we like to think we are the true Worldwide Travel Experts.

Dave Pope’s father, George, ran off to join the Navy at 16 at the end of the 2nd World war and proceeded to visit what were then to him exotic destinations including India, Singapore, Sri Lanka (Ceylon as it was then) and Malaysia. He encountered people, culture and food that just did not exist in post war Winchester at that time.

Dave Pope, the founder of Pope&Sons, moved into banking at the age of 16 with the Midland bank in Winchester and after just one year managed to save up enough money to visit his older sister in Sydney. It was the first time that Dave had flown anywhere and it started a love affair with both long haul travel and Australia, which he has now visited 13 times.

However, it was to be another five years before Dave decided to stop counting cash and leave his job at the bank to journey the World. After 18 months in South East Asia and Australia, Dave landed back on his parents doorstep with little money, nowhere to live and no job. It was in April 1989 that Dave started working for Travelbag in Hampshire creating exciting tailor-made holidays to Australia and around the World. This also meant that he could carry on travelling and each year managed to visit a new country.

Dave Pope in BorneoAfter eight years at Travelbag, Dave experienced a progressive career in the travel industry, which included a new business start up for Airtours, business transformation at Quest Worldwide and also as Director of Sales for Abercrombie & Kent, the well-known long haul luxury tour operator in Cheltenham. Dave still runs his own travel industry consultancy business and helps travel and tourism companies improve their customer service and productivity. He also lectures for travel and tourism colleges.

But Dave’s passion has always been the product and customer side of travel and in 2015 he launched Pope&Sons, a tailor-made travel company based in Warwick, that will inspire customers with intuitive service plus unique travel experiences combined with a few exclusive surprises along the way.

To find out more about Pope&Sons the true Worldwide travel experts in Warwick you can meet us face to face or virtually on Facebook or Twitter